About Ana Klikovac

Ana Klikovac PhD, is an author and a poet. She is a homeopath and teacher in the field of homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Dr Schuessler’s tissue salts, and other complementary methods of natural healing.

She devoted many years of her life to studying these natural methods and is inspired to transfer her knowledge to practitioners worldwide.

She is a certified homeopath. During her education, she visited many world authorities in the field of homeopathy and in her work she uses several different homeopathic approaches. She completed the programme of classical and French homeopathy in Zagreb. At The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, in India, she completed her clinical practice and professional development, and specialised in working according to the Sensation Method and the 8-Box Method of homeopathy. Today she is a faculty member and representative at this academy in Mumbai and is collaborating with dr Rajan Sankaran on several projects.

My books

My books are aimed at both general public, as well as practitioners of natural healing methods.

In each book you will find out more about how to help yourself, which natural healing methods and remedies are available to you, and how to improve your overall wellbeing. In these books, you may find solutions for your problems, motivation to endure your difficulties, inspiration to study more about these methods, and above all – a guidance to achieve happiness and stability.

If you are a practitioner, your will find in-depth guidance into using these wonderful healing methods, to achieve even greater results in your practice.

My aim is to help you, to teach you, and to teach others how to help you!

Even my poems will have a healing and empowering effect on you!

Enjoy my books!

Upcoming events

Teaching is my passion! Teaching is my mission! 

I enjoy spreading the knowledge on these beautiful healing methods. This is why I teach basic courses for general public, and more advanced courses for practitioners.

If you just want to learn more about simple healing methods like Bach flower remedies or tissue salts, you may wish to enrol to some of my self-help courses.

And if you are a practitioner – my task is to teach you even more, to guide you as a mentor, so that you would be an excellent practitioner, confident and ready to help many!

My courses are interactive, interesting and life-changing! You will learn a lot! You will be the best version of yourself!

See the list of my upcoming courses at www.ashuh.eu

Enjoy my courses!

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What's new?

Welcome to my official website!

This is my personal website where I wish to present my work as an author and poet, as well as a teacher and practitioner of natural healing methods.

My book “Bach Flower Remedies for a Happy and Balanced Life” is published in English, Croatian and Slovenian language!

My book “Ljubav koja vene i ljubav koja cvate” is a collection of my poems and photographs about love and river Gacka.

I have several more books in the writing and publishing process.

Stay tuned to this website and Facebook page for more information about my books, courses, and my other activities!

If you wish to book consultation with me, visit www.annah.hr or contact me at info@annah.hr

If you wish to register for my courses, visit www.ashuh.eu or contact me at info@ashuh.hr

If you wish to listen to my talks and public appearances, subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Contact me:

Phone: +385 1 7988 870

Mobile: +385 91 322 1312


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