Bach flower remedies Level 1 and Level 2

Bach flower remedies Level 1 and Level 2

Learn more about Bach flower remedies and complete Level 1 and Level 2 education, certified by The Bach Centre, UK.

Licenced teacher: Ana Klikovac PhD

Level 1 and Level 2 education on Bach flower remedies, licensed by The Bach Centre

Education on Bach flower remedies is approved by the Bach Centre from England and is taught by Ana Klikovac, Ph.D. – the first Croatian teacher for Level 1 and Level 2 courses on Bach flower remedies.


Ana Klikovac conducts education according to the license of the Bach Centre from England, for the LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 education on Bach flower remedies!

After education with Ana Klikovac, Ph.D., all participants receive a certificate from the Bach Centre from England, on completion of the first and second level of education.

“There are amongst us in almost every town or village some who have to a lesser or greater degree the desire to be able to help in illness; to be able to relieve the suffering and heal the sick, but from circumstances have been prevented from becoming doctors or nurses, and have not felt that they were able to carry out their desire or mission. These herbs place in their hands the power to heal amongst their own families, friends and all around them. In addition to their occupation, they are enabled in their spare time to do a very great amount of good, as many are so doing today; and there are some who have even given up their work to devote all their time to this form of healing.”

Dr. Edward Bach, 1936.


Register for our special live courses, held in the gardens of Hotel Gacka in Ličko Lešće  (Lika, Croatia), on the banks of beautiful River Gacka!

Teaching groups in Croatian language on these dates:

LEVEL 1: 23.-24.8.2021. (Monday and Tuesday)

LEVEL 2: 25.-26.8.2021. (Wednesday and Thursday)

Extra day with sightseeing and recreational activities: 27.8.2021. (Friday)

For those who already attended my Level 1 and/or Level 2 courses, we can approve a 50% discount for repeating the seminars live at Hotel Gacka!  

Accomodation: in the Hotel Gacka in the arrangement of Annah centre or in your own arrangement. The price of accomodation is not included in the program fees. For inquiries about accommodation please contact us at

The River Gacka and the war-torn Hotel Gacka often lead me into the state of Honeysuckle flower remedy (thinking about past happy times). Those were indeed beautiful and happy times. As a baby, I began to crawl there for the first time. There I ran merrily and happily in nature. I spent almost all my childhood vacations and holidays there. There I walked and observed the beautiful forget-me-nots along the river. Because of these memories, forget-me-not is still my favourite flower and adorns the logo of my company.

Ana Klikovac PhD, paragraph from the book “Bach Flower Remedies for a Happy and Balanced Life”, BJain, 2021.

For inquiries and registration please contact us at:

From: 16/08/2021 To: 25/06/2021
Hotel Gacka, Ličko Lešće, Croatia

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